360˚ Tour of Sports and Health Sciences

Project Brief

We were commissioned to undertake a 360 tour of the University of Exeters’ excellent facilities with a brief to capture a glimpse of the kind of research undertaken in a way that would engage future students.

What We Did

We were keen to use 360 as there is no other medium able to put the audience right into the action and truly give them a feel of whats its like being there. Our team worked with the university to coordinate activities to ensure we were there for some interesting activities. We have refined the 360 filmmaking process to make best use of positioning and eliminate common issues such as parallax. We were able to make use of spatial binaural audio recording hence the audience can track the sounds around the room – this is crucial in giving us the ability to direct a viewer’s attention to something they might not be able to see on screen. Due to vested interests by Google and Facebook, 360 video is heavily promoted on Social Media currently and is a great way to gain views.

Client Feedback

“Absolutely thrilled with the video!”