Helping children with Dyspraxia

CINEON have been working in conjunction with a team at the University of Exeter (and their charity partners Vranch House, the Dyspraxia Foundation and the Waterloo Foundation), to create a training resource for children with Dyspraxia.

A team of academics at the University have used recent research findings to create a series of free training videos with Cineon to help children with coordination difficulties engage in sporting activities and improve their confidence.

Professor Sam Vine and Professor Mark Wilson have been conducting research using Quiet Eye training and eye tracking technology to demonstrate what a child sees and where they are focusing their gaze when playing sport.

Their research has shown that by demonstrating this technique through video tutorials, and by practising the technique, children with motor coordination difficulties were able to see an improvement in their coordination.

With Cineon’s help, they have created a number of free training videos where children can practice the gaze fixation technique on a number of throwing and catching activities and other sporting activities.

This has also seen the launch of a new website where children, parents, therapists and carers can access these resources and find out more about the research behind the technique.