Exploring creative media and new technology

CINEON have recently completed a series of films for the University of Exeter’s Centre for Intermedia and Creative Technology (CICT) exploring its relationship with a number of creative partners and industry experts, to produce a range of immersive experiences that exploit both new technology and creative media.

CICT promotes advanced research in digital technology and creative media through collaborations between artists, programmers, performers, designers and scientists from a range of disciplines.
During the past few months we have been filming with both university researchers and a number of creatives talking about their collaborations and the work they have carried out together.
And we even make an appearance.

As part of the series we talk about our collaboration with Prof Sam Vine, Associate Professor of Psychology at the university, and the formation of our sister company, Cineon Training.

The overall aim of Cineon’s collaboration with the university has been to enhance our immersive human factors training with the research findings from Prof Vine and his department. You can view the case study from this collaboration here.

By adopting this ‘evidence based’ approach in the production of training content, a departure from traditional techniques often used by high-risk industries, we aim to create, not only well-informed human factors training content, but also a fully immersive, unique training experience.

Other films which featured in the CICT series include the collaboration between Professor Fabrizio Nevola and AR app development specialists Calvium. Together they have created an immersive AR experience that takes users on a cultural tour through 15th century Renaissance Florence (link to film).

Also featured is the collaboration between CICT’s Nathan Mayne and Cornish animation studio Engine House, who have worked together to create the Exoplanet Explorer 360° Planetarium (link to film).

Other projects include, VR in-flight training with Gabriella Giannachi and Invirt Reality , and also Gabriella’s work with 1010 media to create the Placeify app. The final film in this series explores the relationship between Laurence Blythe and Professor Andi Smart in the production of AR visitor experiences for Exeter Cathedral.